About Us

Faith Aloud is dedicated to providing compassionate spiritual and religious support for people in all their decisions about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. We believe that faith can and should be a source of strength and comfort in difficult times. 

Faith Aloud provides nonjudgmental spiritual counseling to people across the country on our free, confidential clergy counseling line. Call 1-888-717-5010 to be connected with our specially trained counselors, who are clergy of diverse faith backgrounds and denominations. Our website also features a list of online resources such as websites, videos, and books that share affirming religious perspectives on pregnancy decision-making and reproductive justice.

In addition to providing direct support, Faith Aloud also offers trainings for clergy, faith leaders, and anyone interested in deepening their ability to explore spiritual issues that come up for people who are considering abortion, weighing pregnancy options, or processing past experiences and decisions.

Faith Aloud has been a program of All-Options since 2015, but we have been in this work for a long time. Our roots are in St Louis, Missouri, where clergy in the 1960s became part of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion, providing counseling and assistance to people traveling to New York City for legal abortion care. After abortion became legal nationwide, that group evolved into the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, and eventually became the Missouri Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. In 2008, the organization separated from RCRC to become Faith Aloud to pursue more independent work including reproductive justice organizing in the St Louis area. Eventually Faith Aloud closed as an independent organization, but its clergy counseling program lives on through All-Options!