About Us

If you have spiritual concerns about pregnancy or abortion, you are not alone.

Faith Aloud wants to walk with you through this important journey. Whether you are making a decision about pregnancy or have had an abortion, we’re here to help. Call Faith Aloud at 1-888-717-5010 to make an appointment for clergy counseling.

Faith Aloud wants every woman to feel confident and at peace with her decision. We want every woman to feel supported. We believe that women are good, created in the image of God, and able to make difficult decisions. We believe this power to make personal decisions is given to us by God.

Many women feel judged by people around them who want them to feel badly about their difficult life choices. At Faith Aloud, we will not burden you with moral judgments. We will listen to your needs and concerns, help you explore all possible options, and honor your decisions. We want to offer you an opportunity for candid dialogue about your experience and provide the support you need to move forward with strength and confidence.

History of Faith Aloud

In 1967, St. Louis area clergy eagerly accepted the invitation of Judith Widdicombe, the director of Reproductive Health Services, to counsel women who wanted to get to New York City for legal abortions.  They became a part of a loose national affiliation known as the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion.

In 1973, that group became the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, whose goal it was to defend the recent Roe v. Wade decision and to protect the right to abortion on the federal level.  But opponents took the fight to the states and in 1982 an independent Missouri RCAR affiliate was formed.  As the legal arguments evolved, so did the language, and in 1993 the organization became the Missouri Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

MORCRC flourished under strong Executive Directors:

1982-1989    Ann Cox
1989-1995    Jean Stewart Berg
1995-2001    The Rev. Cynthia S. Bumb
2001-2015    The Rev. Rebecca Turner

Groundbreaking  programs began in Missouri and quickly spread to other states.  These included:  All-Options Clergy Counseling, Reproductive Loss Counseling, Peaceful Presence, Naomi’s Daughters, and organized clergy testimony in state legislatures.

After more than 40 years of talking about a woman’s right to choose abortion, we learned that the foundation of our opponents’ arguments against abortion was actually the need to control who has sex with whom and under what circumstances.  Religious stigma about women’s sexuality and abortion is perpetuated as an act of control, and that stigma is closely related to the control of women by economics and race.

With this broader understanding of reproductive justice, we separated from the RCRC in 2008 and became Faith Aloud. We developed partnerships with economic, racial, and LGBT justice organizations so that we could have a wider impact on improving conditions for women making reproductive and sexual decisions.

Faith Aloud programs included advocacy work focused on community organizing and policy change in Missouri, and services offering spiritual resources to women in 50 states and over 14 countries.

The last decade brought many challenges in social justice and reproductive rights, and with our efforts to secure ongoing funding sources for Faith Aloud’s work. Eventually it became too difficult to sustain Faith Aloud as an independent organization, and in 2015 the Board of Directors made the difficult decision to close operations and advocacy programs in Missouri.

In order to ensure the future of our unique and vital clergy counseling service, Faith Aloud transferred this program to our allied organization, All-Options (formerly Backline).