Online Training

Faith Aloud offers online training for clergy who want to provide the spiritual comfort of knowing that God is with us through all things. If you are a seminarian or ordained clergy person, we want you to be fully equipped to offer pastoral care to people making difficult pregnancy decisions.

Our training is offered as an online course!

Just go to to register. You may sign up at any time and will be able to take the course at your own pace. There is a $50 registration fee.

This training course will cover the basic information needed to provide pastoral care to women and families who are considering abortion or have had an abortion procedure.

  • Medical information about abortion procedures
  • Current legal information about abortion
  • The emotional and spiritual needs of women who choose abortion
  • Suggestions for incorporating ritual and prayer into pastoral conversations about abortion
  • Resources for conversations with women and families who are exploring all pregnancy options

Those who complete this training may be given the opportunity to volunteer as a clergy counselor for Faith Aloud, but no one will be obligated to do so. To become a Faith Aloud counselor, we require a Masters degree in a field related to theology or counseling as well as completion of this training.