Overcoming the Religious Stigma
of Abortion and Sexuality         


Faith Aloud Presents: 40 Days for Prayer

40 Days for Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal starts on Wednesday, March 5th, and is an intentional effort to be grateful that abortion is safe and legal in the United States, and to be mindful that we are moving toward a future where everone feels supported in their reproductive decision-making, safe in their relationships, and comforted and strengthened by their faith.

Join us in prayer by praying from http://dft.ba/-40days4prayer and viewing our video at www.40daysforprayer.org

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  • That the love of God induces strength, not shame.
  • That families are created in many ways.
  • That all persons desiring to be parents should have the right and opportunity to do so.
  • That no one should be forced into pregnancy, parenthood, or narrowly defined parenting roles.
  • That abortion, adoption, and parenting can all be good moral decisions.
  • That the sexual experiences of consenting adults are not open to government inspection, opinion, and legislation.
  • That all persons have a right to privacy.
  • That all persons have a right to education and employment without discrimination based on gender, pregnancy, or sexual orientation.
  • That all persons have the right to choose the life they want to live, responsibly within their community.
  • That no person should ever be forced into contraception, sterilization, or abortion.
  • That all young people should have access to comprehensive sex education.
  • That all people should have access to reproductive and sexual health information and services.
  • That sexually transmitted infections are not a result of moral failure, and the best medical information, prevention, and treatment should be available to all.
  • That sex is a glorious component of the human experience, a gift of the Divine, to be expressed with respect, responsibility, and joy.
  • That God's love is available in all of life's complex decisions.

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