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Supporters of fired gay teachers rally at Cor Jesu St Louis Post-Dispatch, September 5, 2014

Nixon Lifts State or Emergency in Ferguson  St Louis Post-Dispatch, September 3, 2014

Don't Shoot Coalition  St Louis Post-Dispatch, September 3, 2014

CDC Study Shows Missouri Youth at Risk for Pregnancy, STIs and Rape Press release, June 23, 2014

Today Starts the 40 Days of Prayer  March 5, 2014 the bicker

Faithfully Supporting Abortion Rights  Winter, 2014  Because

Justices to Hear "Hobby Lobby" Case on Birth Control March 25, 2014  KMOV TV CBS News St Louis

More than 40 Coalition Organizations Urge Supreme Court to Reject Challenges to Contraceptive Coverage  March 25, 2014  Catholics for Choice

Why Religious Leaders Are Speaking Up in Support of Universal Contraceptive Access  March 30, 2014  Talk2Action

Honoring the Choices of Others, Without A Choice, and Choosing to Let Go   March 2014 Searching Sophia's Pockets



Abortion and Religion  May 12, 2013  The Bill and Frantz Show

A Godsend to Reproductive Health Clinics  May 15, 2013  Center for American Progress

Webster Church to Pray for Same-Sex Marriage  March 25, 2013   CBS News St Louis

St Louis Leaders Support Same-Sex Marriage  March 23, 2013  CBS News St Louis

ProChoice Religious Leadership Through the Eyes of Women Radio March 11, 2013  KHSU Public Radio

40 Days of Prayer and Contemplation  March 9, 2013 Times-Standard

Gay Marriage Student Documentary  Maplewood/Richmond Heights High School

"Reverend challenges abortions in religion" Feb 13, 2013   The Daily Eastern News


"Good Women Have Abortions"  November 20, 2012  RH Reality Check

"Laura Ingram Hangs Up on Rev. Over Jesus/Abortion Comments" July 2, 2013   Religious Dispatches from the Left

Inspired Overflow Radio Show     May 16, 2012     Shine 690AM   

"Backward Motion" by Rev. Rebecca Turner    May/June 2012   St. Louis Women on the Move

Faith Aloud Spring 2012 Newsletter  May 2012

Bridging the Gap Between Faith and Reproductive Justice    April 17, 2012    Center for American Progress

40 Prayers to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal

We pray for pregnant women   April 23, 2012  Religion Dispatches  -Interview with Rev. Rebecca Turner

40 Day Firestorm   April 23, 2012  Public News Service -Interview with Rev. Rebecca Turner

From Hate to Love   April 16, 2012  RH Reality Check -Interview with Rev. Rebecca Turner

(repeated on Alternet and DailyKos and dozens more)

Anti-Choice Groups Help Us Spread Our Pro-Woman, Pro-Choices Prayers  -Interview with Rev. Rebecca Turner

Focus on the Family -Interview with Rev. Rebecca Turner



Catholic Forum

Washington Post (blog)

(and dozens more)

Op-Ed:  Keep Rush Limbaugh monument out of the MO Capitol  

April 9, 2012  The Richmond Daily News

March 15, 2012   The Gallatin North Missourian

Executive Director Reverend Rebecca Turner honored as one of 13 religious women changing the world for good

Local minister receives national honor  April 18, 2012  Town and Style Magazine

St. Louisan receives national distinction   March 23, 2012   501 Connect

National Group Recognizes Local Minister    March 16, 2012   St. Louis Post-Dispatch

13 Religious Women: Changing the World for Good   March 7, 2012  Center for American Progress


Winter 2012 News

Anti-Abortion Harassment and Violence Still Stifle Access   January 23, 2012  RHRealityCheck

Anniversary of Roe v Wade  January 21, 2012  Austin Vindicator

39th Anniversary of Roe v Wade  January 18, 2012  Public News Service

Doctrine as Reason for Unreported Sexual Crimes in Military    January 10, 2012  RHRealityCheck

How to Help a Friend through Abortion  January 5, 2012  Jezebel

Anti-Abortion Harassment Stifles Access   January, 2012  On the Issues Magazine

Teens Caught Up in Politics  December 12, 2011  Missouri News Service

Sex Education Trampled Again   November 30, 2011 Missouri News Service

Summer 2011 News

Personhood Laws Weaken Women's Rights September 30, 2011 Missouri News Service

Having "Faith" in Birth Control as Preventive Medicine August 29, 2011 Missouri News Service

Clergy Support LGBT Families    July 19, 2011  Missouri News Service

Having Faith in Pride Festival Month June 17, 2011 Missouri News Service

Faith Aloud Addresses Rep. Todd Akin

Liberals hate God? Faith leaders fight back June 29, 2011 The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT)

Clergy deliver letter to Akin office criticizing comments that liberals have 'hatred for God'  June 29, 2011 The Republic (Columbus, Ind.)

The mischaracterization and vilification of liberals continues.... June 29, 2011 Bluffton Today (Bluffton, SC)

Akin changes course, apologizes for comment June 29, 2011 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Clergy Demand Apology From GOP Lawmaker June 28, 2011 Huffington Post

Rep. Todd Akin: Liberalism hates God June 28, 2011 Politico

Amid criticism, Akin clarifies 'hatred of God' statement June 28, 2011 St. Louis Beacon

Akin stands by ‘hatred of God’ comment, faith leaders respond June 28, 2011 PoliticMo

GOP Rep. Todd Akin: ‘No, I’m Not Going To Apologize’ June 28, 2011 ThinkProgress

Akin Draws Fire From Religous Leaders      June 27, 2011  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Akin:  Liberalism Centered on Hatred for God    June 24, 2011  PoliticMo

(and more than 70 others!)

Rev. Kevin.Cameron

Rev. Jeffrey Whitman

Rev. Krista Taves


Faith Aloud in Other News

Abortion Bills Flood Legislatures        April 25, 2011  Public News Service

Protection for Rape Victims       March 24, 2011   Joplin Independent

Abortion Restrictions Hurt Poor Women    January 21, 2011  Public News Service

Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies    December 29, 2010  Public News Service

Abortion Counseling Hotline Goes National   October 20, 2010    KDKD News

Abortion Counseling Hotline Goes National   October 18, 2010    Public News Service

Praying for Compassion    September 22, 2010   Public News Service

Press Release  National Launch   September, 2010

Men and Abortion   September 8, 2010  Riverfront Times

Women, Equality, and Religion  August 27, 2010  BlogTalkRadio

New "5 day after pill" August 25, 2010  Public News Service

Gay Marriage Supporters   August 6, 2010  Riverfront Times

Hundreds Celebrate End of Prop 8   August 5, 2010  The Vital Voice

Dueling Gay Marriage Rallies  August 5, 2010  Fox2 News

Gender Identity Formation in the Church   August 1, 2010  On the Issues Magazine

The Real "Family Values" July 30, 2010   Public News Service

Faith-Based Sex Education   July 1, 2010   On the Issues Magazine

New Ultrasound Laws  June 22, 2010   Public News Service

CARE bill will protect rape victims  April 26, 2010   Public News Service

40 Days of Prayer for Abortion Rights   April 1, 2010

40 Days of Prayer or Protest  March 1, 2010  Public News Service

37 Years of Stigma  January 22, 2010  Public News Service


Anderson Cooper 360  April 14, 2007

PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly  May 12, 2006

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